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May 17, 2022

Ahhh nuts, looks like the farm was a cult. Who could have seen this coming? Gnari gets horse. Drulog bags it. Blarf makes her Mark. 

May 3, 2022

The band finds a farming community but mostly we debate half elf phrenology, just as Gary Gygax intended. Gnari checks the ears. Drulog thanks the harvest. Blarf tires out. 


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Apr 19, 2022

The band gets jumped by a rich adult. If I had a nickel, am I right? Gnari speaks for the dwarves. Drulog hocks a loogie. Blarf calls safety. 

Apr 5, 2022

On an all new Diceland, the group gains a companion and turns technical difficulties into a fun little bit. Also there’s an inter-dimensional magical drug trip, but you’re here for the comedy! Gnari doesn’t know Sondheim. Drulog packs some heat. Blarf makes a hat. 

Mar 22, 2022

The band squares off against the first of seven cursed strings: The Edgelord Sword. We also finally get into some good old fashioned body horror!! Gnari goes emo. Drulog fogs up. Blarf does her hair. 

This episode features the song “Escape from [REDACTED]” by John Danek from the EP "John Danek Is Not A Poser”...